Easy and Smart Snacks for The Family

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I don’t know about your family, but mine LOVES cheese. With summer around the corner, I have been looking for easy and smart snacks with cheese that we can enjoy at home and on-the-go.

I put together four different easy on the go snacks using Cracker Barrel Cheese, which you can find at your local Kroger store. These can all be made under five minutes or less!

1. Rich and Bold Cube Cheese and Grapes

This is such a fun and easy snack idea for picnic lunches, by the pool, or even in the car. Simply pair Cracker Barrel Rich and Bold Cube cheeses, with grapes cut in half. Put them on a toothpick and Ta-Da, an easy on the go snack. If you are having a summer party you could even make them a bit longer using skewers instead of toothpicks.

2. Cheese Stick roll ups with Turkey and Apples

Finding sandwich alternatives can be tough. These would be great for lunch or an afternoon snack. I used one slice of Turkey breast, and inside I added Cracker Barrel Cheese Sticks with thin slices of apple. I rolled it up and stuck in a toothpick so it would stay in place a bit easier. I know these are going to be a favorite at our house!

3. Create your own Snack Mix with Rich and Bold Cubes

My kids love when they feel involved in the kitchen. For this I used small cupcake liners, or you can also use small bowls to hold the Cracker Barrel Rich and Bold Cubes, apples cut up like fries, and raisins. Put empty bowls or cupcake liners on the side to create your mix! This is a perfect afternoon snack by the park. I know I will be snacking on these all summer long.

4. Cracker Barrel Cheese Dip and Pretzels

I saved the easiest one for last! You can buy these adorable little packs to keep in your pool bag, purse, or grab on your way out the door. I’ll be stocking my fridge with these and know they won’t last long in our house!

Happy Snacking!



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