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Favorite Home workout Programs

Hello All!
A quick intro for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Leanna’s sis! I work in marketing, but I’m also a certified personal trainer and lover of all things health and wellness related. I thought it would be a perfect time to pop on here and share a few of my favorite home workout programs and fitness tips that have been keeping me sane & healthy at home! There are so many live workouts, free trials, etc. floating around that it can be hard to distill everything down to a few key resources. Here is what I’ve found to be the most effective, along with some tips to help you stay motivated and PUSH yourself!

My favorite home workout programs & apps:


Before we go into the details here, I want to reinforce the fact that it’s important to maintain a strength training program that allows for progressive overload. Progressive overload is essentially adding either more weight, more reps, or less break time in between sets versus the prior week of doing the same workout. The key thing here is that you need to do the same workout more than once to ensure you are progressively overloading. That is how you build muscle!

Many fall into the trap of doing a strength workout here, an arm workout there, maybe an ab one and then next week. it’s completely different. If this kind of schedule keeps you active, that’s great! Just a caution that you may not be achieving strength gains or maximum results if that is what you are seeking.

SoheeFit– I’ve been a customer of Sohee’s for years. She is the best in the business when it comes to building strength efficiently, and also promotes the progressive overload concept with her program design. I know she has changed a lot of her Lift With Sohee workouts into at-home exercises. Plus, you get access to a Facebook group for form checks and to chat with other members. A sense of community is always great!

FitBody App– Anna plans a weekly schedule for you, so you can stick to a regimen and not feel so all-over-the-place. Plus, she’s running a 30-day free trial currently. Her app is one of the easiest I’ve seen to follow. You will need at least a mat and a set of dumbells for most things. I listed some easy at-home weight replacements below if you need!


Peloton– Many of you may think this only applies to Peloton bike owners, but they actually have an app with a ton of different workout varietals included. They are doing a free 90 day trial during this time, and I have been loving their HIIT cardio workouts. The music is great, and the instructors are challenging. They also have some audio only guided running workouts for those of you that like to run outdoors and are looking to step it up.


CorePower Yoga– I’m using this time to focus on getting into yoga! I know I need to work on my flexibility and find some Zen at the same time. So far, I’ve really loved CorePower. They launched a slew of free yoga classes that are the perfect balance of relaxing and challenging. All classes are filmed in a really beautiful studio, so it helps you feel like you’re out of the house for a bit!

Melissa Wood Health- She’s a force to be reckoned with! A true master of yoga, Pilates, barre, etc.- basically low impact workouts that still are super challenging. Her vibe is super relaxing yet motivating, and I find myself actually listening every time she queues or leads a meditation at the end of class. I’m never bored with her workouts! Check out her free 7 day trial.

Equipment Substitutions for Home Workout Programs

Weights: Soup cans, bags of rice, gallons of milk, laundry detergent. Babies or dogs could work too!

Bench: Couch or coffee table covered with a towel. Stairs are also great for things like seated squats or step ups.

If you are able to purchase a few low-ticket items, I recommend a basic set of resistance bands, a low and mid weight set of dumbbells, and a jump rope.

How to Stay motivated

  1. Purchase a fitness watch! This will track your heart rate and approximate calories burned, so you’ll feel more accountable for how hard you are pushing yourself. Polar watches have been my favorite throughout the years.
  2. Grab a buddy. Whether it’s your quarantine partner, or you facetime a friend into your workouts, having a pal keeps you accountable. A little healthy competition is great for pushing yourself
  3. Schedule your workout into your day and block at least 30 minutes off on your calendar. Put your work chat on do not disturb, or plan to work out during your kid’s nap time. I promise you will feel so much better after accomplishing something for yourself and your health!

I hope this helps filter through so much of the information out there and enjoy these favorite home workout programs!


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  1. Thanks for all your tips on the work outs and information for me to use. I love watching your sweet babies playing and running around your home. You have the best ideas for crafts and other projects which make it so easy to learn from. Thanks again for all you do.

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