How to Make a Stunning Superbowl Snack Stadium!

Adorable Snack Stadium

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This Superbowl Snack Stadium is sure to be a “touchdown” with your guests! It is *actually* easy to put together with trays that you can reuse all year long!


  1. Acrylic White Serving Trays – These come in sets of three and I ordered two sets!
  2. Pool Noodle (I used 3 total) or a Pipe Insulation Tube (to hold up the trays)
  3. Football Cake Decoration Set – For the endzones and the football accents!
  4. Football Field Disposable Plastic Tablecloth – For the base of the stadium
  5. Two sheets of thin white poster board
  6. White Duct Tape and scissors (to secure the pool noodles to the back of the serving trays)


  1. First, place the disposable green tablecloth on your serving area
  2. Next, place your serving trays on top of the tablecloth. Put one in each “endzone” and combine two trays for each side of the stadium, for a total of 6 trays.
  3. Then, trim your pool noodles so they are slightly shorter than the length of each serving tray section.
  4. Tape the pool noodles to the back of the trays so they rest on a slight angle.
  5. Trim a piece of white poster board to equal the height of the stadium trays once they are angled and tape to the back of each tray section (to cover the pool noodles.) This should make one long oval shape.
  6. Fill in the trays and corners with your favorite snacks!
  7. Add guacamole dip to a tray and place in the center of the stadium.
  8. Decorate with cupcakes in the “endzone” with goal posts and a football in the center of the field.