How to throw a Botox Party

Hi friends! Have you ever heard of a Botox Party? Do you have Botox, or have you been thinking about getting Botox? A Botox party is a fun way to learn about the benefits of botox with your closest friends.

I decided to host my first ever botox party with a Plastic Surgeon in the Houston area, Dr. Courtney. Dr. Courtney is amazing to work with. He made every single person at the event feel so comfortable. He was easy to talk to and very informative about all of the different options.

I am still a botox virgin, but I did get a procedure called Tear Trough Filler, using a product called Volbella. Dr. Courtney numbed the area before the procedure and I did not feel a single thing! It was super easy and I was so pleased with the results! The Tear Trough bruised a tiny bit on my left side, but after about two weeks the bruising went away and my eyes look so much more refreshed.

Here is a before and After of the Tear Trough Filler Procedure:

With the left over Volbella from the Tear Through, I wanted just a tiny bit of filler in my upper lip to make my lips more balanced. You can really hardly notice! Dr. Courtney made sure my lips still looked completely natural! No duck lips here please!

Before Upper Lips
After Upper Lip

Unlike botox, The Volbella lasts about a year which is great! Your body gradually absorbs it over time. I love that it lasts for such a long period of time.

During the Botox party, I made sure to serve a lot of snacks.

A friends of mine made these adorable cookies!

Everyone was so pleased with their results! Some girls that came just wanted to ask questions and Dr. Courtney spent time with each and everyone , and answered all their questions thoroughly.

I also set up a fun photo booth so we could have some fun while we waited!

If you have questions about any procedure or are interested in scheduling a procedure with Dr. Courtney please contact his office at 713.522.4411. You can also follow him on instagram @countouredbydrcourtney. You can see so many amazing before and after pictures!

I’ll be definitely scheduling a botox appointment with Dr. Courtney next!

Until next time!

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