Must have Newborn Essentials

Being a new mom is super overwhelming. I remember when I was first pregnant with my first born, I had no idea where to even start looking for everything I might need.  Now on baby number three, I may not be an expert in baby products but I sure know what I can’t live without. I rounded up my list of newborn essentials to make your search just a little bit easier. I am in love with each and everyone of these products and always recommend them to all my mommy friends!


1.Faux Leather Baby Bag  – There are hundreds of baby bags to choose from, and I feel like I have been through them all. What I love about this bag is that its not only stylish, but practical. It doesn’t even look like a baby bag! The outside pockets are a must and the wipe-clean lining makes cleanups a cinch. Inside there are a variety of pockets which holds everything from bottles to pacis and helps keep you organized. A cushy changing pad slips right into a pocket that can also hold a laptop or tablet device. Whats not to love?

2. DockAtot –  There is a reasons the DockAtot is the most registered for baby product on the market; mammas and babies swear by it! I wish this was around for my other two, because maybe then they would have slept better as newborns. Not only is it ideal for for babies to sleep in, it also is a great place for babies to play and lounge. You can also use the DockATot to make tummy time a bit easier. The rounded sides help to prop up your baby when placed under his/her arms. My girls were not a fan of tummy time on the ground, and I know using the DockAtot will make tummy time just a tad bit more tolerable this time around! For the parents always on the go, the DockATot is the perfect product to travel with. You can use it for portable diaper changing, lounging, and playing when you are traveling. Seriously the DockATot is a GAMECHANGER! Click Here to receive $10 off your purchase!

3. White Noise Machine –  I swear by a sound machine. Babies are used to the nosies of our womb and a sound machine resembles the same sound. Not to mention, it helps drown out other outside noises. To this day by 3 and 2 year old use their sound machine every night!

4. Cutie Teether Rattle – Teethers are a must have for all babies. Those teething days come quick and having a teether that is also a rattle is the most creative idea ever!  Made using 100% food grade silicone, it is BPA free, phthalates free, cadmium free, and lead free. It is also CPSC compliant and FDA approved.

5. Binxy Baby – Going shopping with a baby can be challenging, especially if you have other kids in tow. The Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock  easily clips onto most carts, hangs elevated so you have plenty of room for groceries, then simply rolls up to fit in your purse or diaper bag when finished. Most infant car seats sit snugly inside the Shopping Cart Hammock and can be secured using the included safety strap. Use the binxy baby from age 6-8 months until they can sit up on their own. You can now do your grocery shopping and still have plenty of room for your groceries, I mean how cool is that?

6. Washable Nursery Rug – I searched high and low for the perfect rug for this little guys nursery. When I came across Lorena Canals, I knew I had to have a washable all natural rug. These rugs are loved by top celebs and picked by Vogue as top baby product for celebrity nurseries and I can see why! Their rugs are made with natural dyes, handmade, eco and contain no VOCs like most carpeting and rugs. Keeping a nursery clean is essential, especially in the new born weeks. Being able to throw this rug right into my washing machine sold the deal. Not only are their rugs cute and affordable but they are also super cozy! All proceeds support the Sakula project, and provide schooling for children in India.

7. Ollie Baby Swaddle – When I think of all the different swaddle options out there, my head begins to spin. I have done enough homework about all the different swaddles on the market and this one is different from all the rest. Not only are you able to use it for a newborn, the Ollie Swaddle was also designed to safely transition baby to the next phase of development. When your little one is able to roll over from back to stomach, you can transition to one or both arms out with your Ollie. The design gives baby the freedom to move and gradually adjust to sleeping unswaddled, while continuing to promote self-soothing. This means only ONE swaddle! You no longer have to buy a swaddle for each age of development. I also love that the fabric is specifically made to reduce the risk of overheating and the bottom is open for hassle free diaper changing. I can not wait to try this on our little guy!

8. Puj Tub – Finding a baby tub to fit your sink properly and support a baby before they are able to support themselves can be challenging. What I love about this tub is that it is mold resistant! I have had to throw out my fair share of gross baby tubs over the years! The infant tub is made from a durable, yet soft, closed cell foam material that is free of toxic BPA, PVC, and Phthalates. Unlike cloth covered or sling-style baby bathtubs, the non-absorbent Puj tub is mold and mildew resistant and dries in seconds! Cleaning could not be easier – simply use soap and water to gently clean the tub surface. For the parents always on the go – it can fold right up to fit into a suitcase!

9. Ergo Baby 360 – My mistake with my first born was buying a baby carrier that did not enable her to sit face-forward when she was old enough. Trust me, there will come a time when their curiosity begins and they want to see everything! With the Ergo 360 you can use the carrier from newborn to toddler. It will be the only baby carrier you need.

10. Pacifier Clip – I can’t tell you how many times I had to wipe off a dirty pacifier clip. They get chucked and misplaced easier then not. My girls didn’t use pacifiers for very long, but when they did I could never find them. This stylish paci clip keeps those pacis close at hand and prevents them from falling on the ground. I love the neutral color that will match with any outfit!

11. Nose Frida – When I first heard of this product my immediate reaction was GROSS! But this is a game changer. It is the ONLY product that will sufficiently get out all those gross little boogers from their nose. You can use for babies and toddlers; it is the first thing I grab when my girls are sick!

12. Halo Bassinet -The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is the only bassinet that rotates 360 degrees for the ultimate in convenience and safety. Your little one can sleep as close as you like, while still safely in his own separate sleep area, reducing the risks associated with bed-sharing. Unlike other bassinets, its 360 degrees rotation makes getting in and out of bed hassle-free. Ideal for nursing mothers and mothers recovering from C-sections.

13. Owlet Baby Monitor – This is one of my most recommended products to new mothers. Maybe I am just paranoid, but I could not sleep soundly once I moved my little on to her own room. I needed to check on her multiple times during the night to make sure she was still breathing. The Owlet Baby Monitor enabled me to sleep at ease. The Smart Sock connects to a base station that glows green letting you know everything is okay, but uses lights, sounds and app notifications if heart rate or oxygen levels are too high or too low. I could seriously not survive the newborn days without this!



Do you have a must have baby product not on this list? Please leave me a comment below!




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