My Trader Joe Must Haves

I never heard of Trader Joes until after college, when I moved to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. I lived about twenty minutes away from the nearest store and this is where my love of TJ began. I have been shopping at Trader Joes for over ten years and I have never had a negative experience. When I bring my oldest two girls along for the ride, they get so much joy out of pushing their own carts. While I am frantically pulling items out of their carts that they grab for themselves, and quietly yelling (does that even make sense?) at them to watch where they are going, we always love our shopping trips.

I have put together a list of our favorite trader joe items. These items can mostly be purchased year round and you don’t want to leave the store with out them.

If I am going to get just one spice to use for the rest of my life you better bet Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend is going to be on the top of my list. My favorite way to use this spice is on the top of avocado toast. Trust me its AMAZING!


Two more of my other favorite spices are the 21 Seasoning Salute which I add on everything from burgers, to roasted vegetables and the Taco Seasoning Mix which I don’t make Tacos without. They both are staple seasonings to add to your spice rack.

Next I’ll show you some of our favorite condiments. The chunky blue cheese is to die for, which we use for salads and also paired with buffalo chicken wings. The chocolate sauce is a kid favorite to make the best chocolate milk. I use the organic olive oil spray daily for cooking, the soy sauce is a must have for all my sushi lovers, and we always make pasta with the Creamy tomato basil sauce. The coconut oil is great for cooking but also makes the perfect lip balm and is a great hair conditioner. Last but not least is the famous cookie butter. If you have not tried the cookie butter yet, you are seriously missing out!!

I cant forget my favorite dressing from TJ’s is the Green Goddess Salad dressing. It has just the perfect hint of lemon mixed with basil and avocado.

My sister and brother in law introduced me to Kombucha. Apparently I am late to jump on this train but the Pink Lady Apple is one of my favorites.

Let’s not forget my most important purchase at TJ’s : wine. This pinot noir is $6.99 and is hands down one of my favorite wines ever. I always stock up on this one when I go. I bought a few other types today which I’ll let you know how they compare at a later date!

If you are hosting a party my go to non-alcoholic beverages are the sparkling lemonade and pink lemonade. They taste amazing and also look pretty.

The milk & dark chocolate almonds are my go to late night treat. Pair it with the Moon Pinot Noir (trust me on this one).

The garlic naan is a staple in our freezer. We use this for snacking, paired with hummus, or as a side with our favorite Indian dishes.

These mint chocolate coins are a recent favorite of mine. I first found them around christmas so I am not sure if they are seasonal or not. They taste like miniature girl scout thin mints.

I am a fan of dark roast coffee in the A.M and a go to of mine is the this Ground Espresso Blend.

These oven baked cheese bites are the perfect healthy snack!

Another favorite snack of ours are these roasted plantain chips. They have to be healthy if they are plantains right?

A kid favorite are these Gone Bananas, chocolate covered bananas. They also come in strawberry which are just as tasty.

This is the first time I have seen these soft pretzels. But my kids love soft pretzels so I thought we would give them a try.

Also a new find are these raspberry hearts. They might be season from valentines day but they looked so pretty I couldn’t say no.

And finally is this adorable party cake. Top this cake with some florals or a simple candle and you have the cutest birthday cake!

I hope this list was helpful to ya’ll. Leave a comment below of your favorite finds that I missed. I would love to see what Trader Joes products you love.

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