What to Pack in your Hospital Bag


We have just a couple weeks left until our baby boy due! It’s time to start packing that hospital bag. After my experiences with the girls, I have a good idea of what I will be packing, so I thought I’d share my checklist.

My best advice for packing a hospital bag is to pack light, but thoughtfully. Having less stuff is is helpful because you will most likely change rooms after giving birth, and you’ll have an extra bundle leaving with you when it’s time to head for the car!



What you feel most comfortable wearing after giving birth is up to you. Nursing tanks are nice because you spend a lot of time nursing if you are breastfeeding, but I also wore button down PJs with a nursing bra and did just fine. A robe is nice to cover up if you go in the hallway or have visitors. Some women like to just wear a robe with a nursing bra under instead of PJs. It is all up to what you feel comfortable wearing.

As far as what to wear home, probably bring maternity pants and a flowy top – preferably button down or something that is nursing friendly.

For my girls, I did not bring my own pillow or blankets and this time I will make sure not to forget them. The hospitals don’t have the best selection of pillows, and I am always cold! This goes for bringing cozy warm socks as well, or a good pair of slippers to walk around the floor with.



Don’t forget about Dad! Pillows and blankets are a great thing to pack for him to because lets be honest, the pull out couch or what they call a “bed” is not the most comfortable! Also make sure to pack any medications he may need. With my first my hubby needed some advil from a headache and of course the hospital would not give him any since he was not a patient.



You do not need to pack too much for the baby. The hospital will provide most including diapers and wipes. You will need 2-3 changes of clothes, including an outfit to come home in. For my first two girls I did not pack a sleeping sack and instead used a swaddle blanket. I prefer swaddle sacks over swaddle blankets because its much easier to use in the middle of the night. I also never forget a pacifier because some hospitals don’t offer them. I used them for both girls in the early newborn weeks. Another thing I will make sure to throw in are nipple shields for you. My oldest Annabel, was a horrible latcher and when she was born the lactation consultant gave me nipple shields that were a life saver in the first few days.



Although its not necessary to give the nurses a gift, I think the extra thoughtfulness goes a long way. Just a simple basket of candy, or cookies to say thank you for their care means so much to them. Also, if you have older siblings, a bag full of a few new items from the new baby is a great way to get them excited when they meet their new sibling for the first time. I’ll be doing a blog post later on what I have for the girls!


When you leave the hospital, don’t forget to take the extra pads, disposable underwear, first aid spray,  baby boogie syringe, and diapers left in your room or any other essentials they provided you with. You’ve already paid for it, you might as well get to use it.


Congratulations on your new sweet bundle! I’m wishing you a healthy, happy baby and a good night’s sleep







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