Stunning Christmas Butter Board with Storebought Dip

Christmas tree butter board on wooden serving tray

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Try this hack of using storebought dip for a beautiful Christmas butter board that takes only minutes to assemble!


For the spread, you can use any dip recipe you’d like!

  • Dessert Dipping Spread (I used one 6.5-ounce container of chocolate flavored Challenge Dessert Snack Spread from Target)
  • Festive Sprinkles
  • Pretzel Sticks (for tree trunk)
  • Dippers (such as Nilla Wafers, graham crackers, croissant rolls, wafer cookies, gingerbread cookies, ginger snaps, etc.) You could also do fresh fruit that goes well with chocolate, such as strawberries, raspberries, or bananas.
  • Optional: For the star topper, I used a gingerbread star cookie that I found at Aldi!


If you aren’t feeling artistic, fear not, you’ve got this! Evergreen trees in nature aren’t precisely symmetrical, so yours is basically more realistic the less perfect it is. 🙂 You can also wipe off any flaws with a wet paper towel.

  • Using a knife or spreader, start at the bottom center of the serving board and make small brush strokes to resemble branches.
  • Then work your way out horizontally to each side to make the branches, getting progressively narrower as you go up the tree.
  • Apply pretzel sticks to the base to make the tree trunk.
  • Sprinkle with festival holiday sprinkles.
  • Serve with favorite dippers.


You can also spread the dip on a Christmas tree shaped platter for a double hack. Then simply place the tree platter on a larger platter and surround with dipping sides.

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