Beautiful Cream Puff Wreath

Cream Puff Wreath with red garnishes

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Whether you need an appetizer or dessert, this Cream Puff Wreath is so easy to make!  You can also use various wreath sizes depending on how many people you’re serving.


  • 12-inch foam wreath (You can use a smaller or larger wreath depending on your group size)
  • Saran Wrap
  • Approximately 100 toothpicks
  • 3 boxes of Poppies Mini Cream Puffs (about 100 total Cream Puffs)
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Optional: raspberries, cranberries, and Fruit by the Foot for the bow


  • First, cover the foam wreath with Saran Wrap.
  • Then used toothpicks to attach Cream Puffs. (You do not need to cook this kind; just thaw and serve.)
  • Then, garnish with cranberries, raspberries, or pomegranates for a pop of color.
  • Sprinkle entire wreath with Powdered Sugar. (Tip: use a shaker like this to sprinkle on the Powdered Sugar so it doesn’t come dumping out all at once.)
  • As a finishing touch, tie a Fruit by the Foot into a bow and place on Cream Puff Wreath. (You can also crisscross two Candy Canes for the bow.)


The Cream Puffs can be substituted with about 8 dozen donut holes. You can also make a bow by crisscrossing two Candy Canes instead of using a Fruit by the Foot.