–fabric scissors
-1.5 or 2 yards of fleece fabric in two colors/patterns (get the same amount for each color)
-paper or thin cardboard for cutting template (optional)


1. Trim your fabric:
Place your two fleece fabrics on the floor and line them up together the best you can. Cut off any curled ends or edges of the fabric that don’t line up exactly.

Just eyeball it to get the overall rectangular shape as even as you can, but once you have it all done, you won’t be able to tell if one area is cut a little bit more narrow or wide.

2. Cut squares out of your corners:
On each corner of your blanket, cut out a 5″ x 5″ square of fabric with fabric scissors. I created a simple template made out of cardboard. The strips that you will cut next will be 5″ long, so taking out this corner will remove excess material from the corners so things look nice and neat when done.

3. Cut your 1″ strips to tie together:
Now you are going to cut 1″ wide (or two fingers) by 5″ long strips along all the sides of your double layer fabric. 

4. Tie your strips:
Now it’s time to finish your blanket! Double not the strips and work your way down each side until you have
each tie completed. Once all your knots are tied, your blanket is ready to use or gift!