Beach Essentials for Families this Summer

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My top beach essentials to bring to the beach this summer. To make your beach day go as smooth as possible

Before having kids, a beach vacation was my favorite trip to take to relax. I would get down to the beach as soon as the sun would rise, and not leave until the sun set. A good book was always in my hand, and there is nothing like taking a long nap listening to the waves crash along the shore. Now….. after kids… that can look just a little bit different.

Going to the beach can be SO much fun, but it can also be very overwhelming to pack for with littles! We travel to the beach often, and over the years I have found some products that make being at the beach with kids much easier! Sometimes it can feel like it takes hours just to get out the door… oh and lots not forget how long it takes to apply all the sunscreen!!!

Here are my top things to pack to make your beach days go as smoothly as possible.

Beach Essentials for Kids

beach essentials for kids
  1. Black Out Travel Shades – Now I know this really has nothing to do with the actual beach, but if your kids prefer to sleep in complete darkness this is a lifesaver. I bring these with us everywhere because you never know if the windows in a beach rental, or hotel room have proper window treatments.
  2. Toddler’s Jese Blown EVA Slip On Shoes – These shoes are our favorite in the summer. They stay on their feet and protect them from the hot sand. These shoes are also great for waterparks and splashpads!
  3. Beach Bag of Toys – a must have for the beach!
  4. Baby Dusting Powder – not only is it extremely uncomfortable for a baby to get a diaper rash on the beach, but dusting powder easily removes the sand off your skin. Apply to hands before snack and lunch time so they are sand free!
  5. Beach Sand Drink Cup holder – I haven’t tried these out yet, but I think they would be so helpful keeping drinks from tipping over in the sand!
  6. Potty Genie – Great for car rides as well! Take it on the boat, bring to the beach and more. Also great to avoid public restrooms!
  7. Sand Ice Cream Play Set – how adorable is this set??? My kids love any ice cream play toys so this went straight in my cart.
  8. 4 Pack WaterProof Iphone Case – Not only should you protect your phone from the water but also from the sand.
  9. RIO Brands Beach umbrella – If you are going to purchase anything on this list… this is it!! You can thank my mom for this find… it is hands down the only umbrella that will withstand high winds. I am always the one that seems to attract the flying umbrellas and this umbrella has never let me down!
  10. Waterproof Beach Blanket & Kiddie Pool – Great for littles who aren’t ready to go in the water yet! Use it as a blanket or dig a hole and make a small kid pool.
  11. Beach Wheeler Wide Cart – Another great product from my mom! We had this growing up and it is super easy to drag through the sand. It also easily holds beach chairs and is big enough for all your beach accessories.
  12. Portable Booster Seat – I wish I had this when my littles were smaller. It is so hard to feed a baby at the beach, let alone put them on a beach towel without them getting completely covered in sand.
  13. Beach Blanket – a big beach blanket is perfect for the beach. You can also fold it up so it is easy to travel with!

I hope you found some fun goodies on this beach essential travel list! Enjoy your summer sweet friends



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