Christmas Tree Decorating Tips to Decorate Like a Pro

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! These tips are awesome! Your tree looks amazing ????

  2. nedra says:

    Beautiful tree! I would like to encourage you and your readers to purchase a real tree. The experince of doing so, whether going to a tree farm, cutting your own or purchasing at a farmers market it a grand experience. My adult childen have many fond memories of going to a farm, following a big guy with a chainsaw and cutting down the perfect tree. Now we go to a farmers market. We visit the same famer year after year. He works so very hard and is most appreciative of our once a year support. It is always good to support a farmer. After Christmas the tree can be mulched or put in a pond for fish habitat. It it was not sprayed while growing, goats enjoy an after Christmas treat. While trees are growing they clean our air! So important now that we are in a climate crisis and regulations for clean air have been cut. You may not get the magazine perfect tree but you did get the experience, knowing that you did something good for the planet and the great aroma! Merry Christmas!

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