Free Easy Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

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Do you need a cleaning routine to help take the stress out of what and when to clean? Simplify you cleaning routine and keep up with cleaning your house with my free cleaning checklist for daily, weekly and monthly cleaning.

Free Cleaning Checklist


Although I love to clean and organize, I know that is not the case with most people. It can be so overwhelming to know you have your entire house to clean, and keep it clean on a daily basis. Being a busy mom of three, I know the struggle is REAL. Life is crazy as it is, there is so much to be done throughout the course of a day, and sometimes cleaning gets pushed to the bottom of the priority list.

Having a Routine Helps

I get asked on a daily basis how I keep my house clean. The one thing that makes keeping a house clean easier is having a routine. I stick to the same daily, weekly and monthly routine which helps me simply all of the cleaning tasks.

Having a cleaning schedule will help keep you on task and prevent you from feeling completely overwhelmed. I created a print out of my daily cleaning schedule to share with you. If you need a quick and easy cleaning routine to take back control of your home, then these lists are for you!!

Eventually these lists will become a habit and you won’t need to look at the checklists every day. It will help you stay on top of what needs to be cleaned so you have a clean house and are less stressed in your daily life.

FREE Cleaning Checklist Printables

These printables will help you keep your house clean in no time! These checklists will take the daily stress out of feeling overwhelmed and give you more time to do the things you love to do!!

Download and print out the free checklists below. Place them where you can see them easily. You can even laminate them or place them in a picture frame. Use a dry erase marker to wipe clean and reuse each day!


To Download and Print the FREE CLEANING CHECKLIST printable click here.

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I’ll send you the directions on how to download the FREE Printables ASAP.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

daily cleaning tips

The most important cleaning checklist in any home is what you do on a daily basis. If you have a routine to keep you on top of the day to day messes, keeping your house clean will never feel overwhelming. I divided up my daily cleaning routine into morning, afternoon and night. These are the tasks that I tackle during different periods of the day. If I have a busy day out of the house, or don’t find time to do the afternoon routine I will add those tasks onto the evening routine if necessary.

These simple daily tasks don’t take long! They really only focus on making the bed, cleaning counters, vacuuming, dishes and laundry. I always start my day with unloading the dishwasher, and go to bed at night right after I start the dishwasher. It has become a habit for me.. and I always go to bed with a clean house! I feel that when I wake up with a clean house I am more productive that day.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

weekly cleaning schedule

Having a weekly cleaning checklist helps you focus more on each room your house. This enables you to divide up deep cleaning your house into different days so you don’t have to clean it all in one day. Honestly, because of my work schedule I tend to do most of it on Friday. But, if time allows I try to divide up the work throughout the week which makes my Friday much more enjoyable!

If you focus on one room a day, you don’t put as much stress on yourself to get the entire house cleaned at once.

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

cleaning tips and tricks

The monthly schedule is for all the things we need to clean in our home that we usually forget about. I usually tackle these monthly tasks as a I have time for them throughout the month. This checklist is a great reminder to clean the things we don’t have time to do on a regular basis.

Cleaning Tips

You can read more about how I keep my house mostly clean, most of the time on this blog post.

Some other cleaning tips you find helpful :

  • Have multiple pick up times throughout the day, this helps keep toys and clutter under control.
  • Go to bed with a clean house, trust me on this one. Your morning routine will run so much smoother.
  • For kids, I give them a one room rule. They can make a mess in one room but if they move to play in another room, they have to clean up first!
  • Encourage your kids to make their beds. My girls will make their beds before they come down for breakfast each morning. It may not be perfect but teaching them the habit to make their bed at a young age is important!

Cleaning Products

  • Folex is your best friend. This carpet cleaning solution works like magic. From red wine, to marker on fabric, to pen….. I use this solution daily and buy it in bulk.
  • Invest in a Robot Vacuum. I have the Neato D7 and run it daily. With a dog that sheds constantly the Neato helps keep the dog hair under control. I also love that it goes under furniture in hard to reach spaces that I never get to.
  • The Dyson V11 is a busy moms must have. I honestly don’t know how I lived without mine. I use it multiple times a day for crumbs, dog hair, and a just as a daily vacuum. I hardly ever pull out my vacuum with a cord because the V11 is convenient, light, easy to use and picks up all the things.

I have more of my favorite cleaning products linked here.

Well, now that I spent my entire Friday writing this post, my house has not been cleaned! But, I really do hope this post helps just one of you!! If you have any other cleaning tips feel free to leave them in the comments below! I love to find new tips and tricks too!!


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