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The basic idea of a “Bored Jar” is a jar or some sort filled with ideas of chores & activities that kiddos can do if they complain of being bored.

Summer is here and in full swing…. and with summer comes the never ending phrase, “Moooooommmmm, I’m bored.”

Well I have had enough of that two word phrase! Today, I have started a solution, the I’m Bored Jar. This jar is filled with lots of fun and easy activities. You can even enlist your littles to help you come up with some ideas for the jar so they get excited when they get to pick a stick.

If you are looking for indoor activities to keep your kiddos busy this summer, I linked a few of our favorites here.

bored jar for kids

I made it even easier for you, included in the FREE printable are 40 fun simple ideas! Some of the ideas included are, “ride your bike”, “be a superhero”, or my favorite, “no electronics for the rest of the day”.

I also included a label you can cut on and glue on the jar!

How to Make a Bored Jar

bored jar ideas

What you need:

  1. A large mason jar
  2. popsicle sticks
  3. scissors
  4. glue or tape

Directions to Make a Bored Jar

  1. Print out the Printables – There are a total of 3 (2 pages of bored ideas and 1 label page).
  2. Cut out each label and glue or tape onto a popsicle stick.
  3. Cut out the circle label and glue or stick onto the jar

Note: If you don’t have popsicle sticks you can fold up the paper and stick them in the jar.

activities for kids

To Download and Print the Printables:

Click here to view the Printable Library if you are already signed up!

If you don’t have the password: fill out the form below to get access to the entire FREE printable library!!

I’ll send you an EMAIL ASAP with directions on how to download and print the bored jar printables.

If for some reason you experience difficulty in accessing the files please send me an email here.

activities for kids

So the next time you’re cleaning, cooking dinner, or even just trying to have some quiet time, when you hear the inevitable “I’m Bored,” you can send those littles right off to the jar.




bored jar

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