Indoor Activity Kits for Kids to Keep Busy

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I am so ready for this quarantine period to be over!!!! I am seriously running out of things to keep my littles busy. The weather is starting to warm up but I have still been searching for indoor activities. I rounded up my favorite indoor activity kits for kids so you can get some chores done (like the never ending laundry).

These activity kids are all from Amazon and are currently still in stock. I bought a bunch of these kits to hopefully keep us going for another few weeks. Some of these indoor activity kids that I linked below are ones that we have tried before, and some are on there way!

Amazon Indoor Activity Kits

Note: Hover your mouse over each item to find the link

  1. Wikki Stix – My kids love these! We also bring them to restaurants and on the airplane because they are so easy to travel with
  2. Awesome Science Experiments – A list of fun science experiments for kids
  3. Fairy Lantern Kit – My girls would absolutely love this!
  4. Disney princess necklace set – We have had a few of these kits and each time they are a big hit!
  5. Rock Painting kit – Set up a rock club in your neighborhood and use this kit to paint your rocks to hide.
  6. Butterfly Garden – We just got our butterfly garden in the mail and the kids are having so much fun watching the caterpillars! We can’t wait to see them turn into butterflies!
  7. Melisa & Doug Water Wow – These are always a favorite at our house, good for kids of all ages (especially the ones that can’t be trusted).
  8. Mega Crystal Growing Lab – This is a fun kit for older kids
  9. Lego Chain Reactions – For your lego lover!
  10. Scratch Art Set – My girls have these and love to draw on the pad to see all the rainbow colors that come through
  11. Crayola Light up Tracing Pad
  12. Disney Toy Story 4 Forky set – My kids have been using forks and popsicle sticks to make their own Forky but this kit is so much better!
  13. Water Doodle Mat – Oliver loves the water doodle mat! It doesn’t make a mess and is so much fun!
  14. Wooden Pattern Blocks Puzzle – This is a fun educational puzzle that will keep kids entertained!
  15. Lil-Gen Water Beads
  16. Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium Science Kit
  17. Mega Fossil Dig Kit – We got this as a birthday present and it took the girls hours to dig out all the gems!

I hope these indoor activity kits for kids helps you find some things to keep your children busy until we are free!!!

If you are looking for another fun activity you can try making this easy DIY Peep Dough Playdough!

I hope you and your family are staying safe during this time!

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