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4 Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas

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With halloween right around the corner, I wanted to share with ya’ll 4 easy Halloween cupcake ideas! These were super simple to make I promise! I really don’t like to bake, but I do like to be creative so they were just perfect!

easy halloween cupcakes

The 4 easy Halloween Cupcakes that I made were a spider, ghost, pumpkin and a mummy! Even if you have zero cupcake decorating skills you can totally do this! This was my first time decorating cupcakes and I think they came out pretty good! But you can be the judge!

easy halloween cupcake ideas

I used a chocolate cupcake box mix, because lets be honest, who has time to make homemade cupcakes and decorate the top all during nap time? I am all about convenience over here!

halloween cupcake ideas

For the icing, I found these pastry bags to make this process even simpler!

Spider Easy Halloween Cupcake

For the spider I first coated the cupcake with white icing. Then I used an Oreo as the body. The legs I drew on with black gel icing. I then added candy eyes to the Oreo body using icing to stick them on.

spider halloween cupcake

Isn’t he so cute?? Almost too cute to eat!

Pumpkin Easy Halloween Cupcake

The pumpkin cupcake was probably the easiest cupcake out of the 4 halloween cupcakes. I used orange icing to pipe around the entire cupcake. For the stem, I stuck in a small piece of a pretzel stick. Then, I added a green vine using green gel icing.

pumpkin halloween cupcake

Mummy Easy Halloween Cupcake

The mummy I decided to do at the last minute and he turned out so adorable! I used white icing to pipe back and forth, and left some empty cupcake spaces to add the candy eyes.

mummy cupcake idea

Ghost Easy Halloween Cupcake Idea

The ghost is not my favorite but hey my kids loved all the icing piled on top! Which is basically all this cupcake is! I piled a big blob of white icing on the top and then used chocolate chips as the eyes and mouth.

ghost halloween cupcake idea

I told you they were going to by so easy to make! I hope you enjoyed my 4 easy halloween cupcake ideas!

4 easy halloween cupcake ideas

Maybe next time I will get a bit fancier on my icing skills but my kids loved them just the way that they are!

halloween cupcakes

These would be perfect for a school Halloween Party!

samsung home appliances for halloween

If you are looking for another easy fall recipe make sure to check out my favorite Pumpkin cookies!


halloween kitchen decor

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