DIY Front Door Makeover with Gel Stain

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An easy DIY Front Door Makeover tutorial to give your door a fresh new look for summer

My front door has seen better days! It is a traditional wood door and over the years, the sun has done a number on the door. I have been wanting to do this project for months! I actually bought the gel stain right after the holidays, and then just never got around to it! But another day another project right guys? Today I am sharing with you how you can give your front door a brand new look using Gel Stain.. for under $20!!!!

Below is what my front door looked like before I got started…

diy front door makeover

pretty sad right?

But this Gel Stain only took me a few hours to do from start to finish and the difference is night and day!!! You can do this easily with the right products by your side!

And this is AFTER!

gel stain front door makeover

It looks like a brand new door!! And I did this all by myself!!

DIY Front Door Makeover


How to Gel Stain an Exterior Door: DIY Front Door Makeover


1: Use 120 Grit sand paper to give the door a quick sand. You do not need to go down to the bare wood.

2: Spray the door with simply green, and using a scour pad and water scrub the door removing the dust.

diy front door makover

3: Use a wet rag to remove any extra residue and allow to dry

4: Tape around any door hardware or remove if desire.

diy front door

5: Apply the first coat of Gel stain using a combination of the foam rollers and brush. Use a paint brush to get in all the corners and grooves, the the foam rollers for the rest. Apply using a very thin layer of stain, you don’t want to soak it on, a little bit goes a long way.

Note: if you apply too much stain, use a dry rag to wipe the excess off.

6: Let dry for two hours … I only waited One but directions say two (I like to live on the edge).

black front door

7: Apply the second coat using the same process as above.

8:  After your gel stain has completely cured (about 8 days) you will need to apply a wood protectant specifically designed to withstand sun and weather exposure. I haven’t done this step yet but I will be using using a foam brush to apply.

black painted door
diy paint door

Now are you ready to go paint your front door? You can totally do this! I believe in you!

Don’t forget to Pin for later and I would love to know how your door turns out!



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  1. Is that “Stay Awhile” sign an outdoor sign that holds up to the weather; sun, cold, rain? If so, where did you fine it. So pretty.

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