DIY Drop-Cloth Cafe Curtains: No Sew DIY Tutorial

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I have been wanting to change out standard white blinds on our kitchen window since the day we moved in. Last year, I made DIY Drop Cloth No Sew Curtains for my dining room and office that you can see here. Today, I used the same concept to make these DIY Drop-Cloth Cafe Curtains for my kitchen.

What is great about this tutorial is that you don’t need to own a sewing machine or even know how to sew! Everything is done with a handy dandy glue gun! You can make these DIY Drop-Cloth Cafe Curtains in under twenty minutes or less.

The Drop Cloths are not only super affordable but they also help give your kitchen a warm and cozy feel. Furthermore, I love the added texture and softness that these curtains gave to the space.

DIY Drop-Cloth Cafe Curtains

diy drop-cloth cafe curtains no sew

Supplies for DIY Drop-Cloth Cafe Curtains

1: 6×9 Canvas Drop Cloth

Pair of scissors

Glue Gun and a few glue sticks


Curtain Clips

Tension Curtain Rod


STEP 1: Measure the length

First, hang up your tension rod and add the clips. Next, measure from the clips down to the counter. I wanted to create a folded valance so I added on an extra 12 inches to the total length (I wanted a 6 inch valance).

Then, measure the width of your width of your curtain. Measure the total width of your window, and divide by two. Then add an extra 2 inches to account for the seam we need to create.

how to measure for diy no sew drop cloth curtain

Step 2: Cut

Next, cut your drop cloths with the correct measurements. Make sure you keep the original top seam and side seam from the drop cloth originally. The other two sides that you need to cut try to cut as straight as possible. It doesn’t have to look pretty since we will be folding and gluing the seam.

how to cut diy drop-cloth curtains


Ironing is the worst part of this whole process – trust me. I hate to Iron! I set my ironing board in front of my TV and went to town. Trust me, the end result is worth it.

After you Iron the entire panel, take the long vertical seam that you cut and fold it over, about 1 inch. Next, iron down the fold, this will hide the ugly frayed seam from the step above.

iron drop cloth cafe curtain


Use your handy dandy glue gun and glue down the 1 inch seam that you ironed above. Don’t go crazy with the glue gun, you don’t want the glue to seep out from the sides. A few drops every inch is all you really need.

glue diy drop cloth cafe curtain

STEP 5:  Determine the Length

To hang your panels, you will need to figure out the appropriate length. I like mine right above the top of the counter. To get the correct length, I figured out where I wanted them on the counter and then folded over the drop cloth at the top where I wanted the clips to go. After I folded it once, I folded it up one more time, so it created a valance.

Step 6: Attach your clips

Finally, use the clips to hold the folds together, and place each clip about 2” apart. I used about 5 clips on each side.

In conclusion, you now have beautifully hung cafe curtains at a great price!

no sew drop cloth cafe curtain
6 easy steps to make no sew diy drop cloth curtains

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