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Tips for a Beautiful Sitting Room Refresh with Walmart

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I have been on the hunt for just the right products for a sitting room refresh and am SO impressed with the quality of choices from Walmart! Walmart is such a staple for our family to find furniture, decor, clothes, toys, groceries, and anything in between. It’s also such a relief to have so many budget-friendly and high-quality options right at your fingertips for easy shopping. I’m so excited to share some of my favorite tips for a stunning space that you can enjoy all year round!

Sitting Room

Tip 1: Find Furniture You Love That Will Last

While couches and loveseats are always great options, I love the look of sitting room chairs facing each other to make a cozy, inviting space. These white chairs are especially comfortable and affordable while also being elegant and timeless.

Sitting Room chairs

I have been looking for month and months for sitting room chairs, and these are beyond my expectations. I love the modern lines and the light honey wood finish at the base.

White sitting room chairs from Walmart

The sizable armrests are also perfect to set down a book, cup of tea, or a glass of wine. I’m so happy I found these chairs!

Tip 2: Swap Out Pillows and Accessories

Since these chairs are a neutral color, it makes it so easy to change the look of the room for seasons and holidays simply by switching out pillows, blankets, and other accessories.

Cozy Living Room Pillows

My sitting room is decorated for Christmas, but Walmart has an amazing variety of decorative pillows for any and all occasions that you can reuse year after year.

Cozy Pillows in a Christmas Sitting Room

Another option is to just switch the pillow covers, which takes up less storage space than having several new pillows for each holiday. I love this Set of 4 Spring pillow covers, this Set of 4 Fall Pillow covers, and this Set of 4 Winter pillow covers or this Set of 4 Christmas pillow covers.

Tip 3: Have a Focal Point

I like to change up the shiplap wall in my sitting room with different wall hangings, but recently I have been loving the focal point of a simple Christmas tree. (If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know that I enjoy having several Christmas trees around my house and this option from Walmart is a great deal!)

Pretty Sitting Room decorated for Christmas

A floor lamp is also a great, practical way to fill in corners.

Christmas tree in a living room

Tip 4: Sprinkle in Smaller Touches

Whether you prefer lots of accessories or a more minimalist vibe, adding in a few smaller, cohesive touches can really tie a room together. I love having a simple basket on an ottoman or center table where I can easily swap out accents for each season. You can find a similar ottoman to mine here at an amazing price!

Tufted ottoman with seasonal decorations

I love to bring natural elements inside, and these adorable mini evergreen trees can stay up all winter long.

Aerial view of a tufted ottoman decorated for Christmas

You could fill a similar basket with coasters, books, or any of your favorite knick-knacks.

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I hope these pictures can inspire you to do a sitting room refresh if that’s something that has been on your mind! Be sure to check out Walmart for anything else you may need. Here are some of my favorite items from Walmart that I am using constantly in my home!

The holiday season can especially be expensive, and it’s such peace of mind to know that I can get exceptional items for unbeatable prices. If you do a similar refresh in your home, please share and tag me on Instagram so I can see your beautiful creations. Have a wonderful week, friends!

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