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You’ll Love This Patriotic Popcorn and Candy Board!

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This Patriotic Popcorn and Candy Board is so easy to put together with no cooking required! You can add your favorite red, white, and blue treats for a perfect treat for a movie night at home, 4th of July Party, and more!

Patriotic Popcorn and Candy Board for 4th of July


You can really use any patriotic-themed treats for your Patriotic Popcorn and Candy Board! I used candy, but you could also swap out some sweets for fruit like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. I linked everything I used from Walmart for easy shopping!

You can also find more red, white, and blue treats in the seasonal aisle of your grocery store!

Close-up of Patriotic Popcorn and Candy Board


There is no right or wrong way to make a food board, but here are some helpful tips that I use!

  1. Start with the popcorn bags and arrange at the back of the food board (or the center if you are using a round food platter.)
  2. Next, add the larger goodies (such as cookies.)
  3. Finally, fill in any remaining spaces with the smaller items (such as M & M’s.)
Close-up of Patriotic Popcorn and Candy Board

Here’s a Quick Video Tutorial!

Perfect Presentation Platters

There are so many options to make a beautiful food board. Here are some of my favorite products for a great price!

Popcorn Bags: There are so many fun options available, like this Patriotic Assortment Pack, these American Flag Popcorn Bags, or these Stars and Stripes Assortment, all for a great price!

Rectangular Trays: If you’d like a rectangular wooden tray, this wooden version from Target is great, as well as this beautiful choice from Etsy. Walmart has a beautiful smaller version with handles! Finally, Amazon has this gorgeous charcuterie board (with a knife set!) as well as this acacia rectangular serving board.

Round Trays: If you’d prefer a round tray, I’d recommend this round wooden Target tray, which I get so much use out of year-round! For a higher-end round tray, I love my MacKenzie-Childs checkered party tray.

Leanna in front of a patriotic popcorn and candy board in a sunny white kitchen

Outfit: I’m wearing this comfy denim romper from Walmart! For a similar headband, Target has this adorable gingham and eyelet option.

Festive Lights: For an extra festive touch, surround your serving dish with these star twinkle lights or these American flag lights!

Kitchen Links: I get asked all the time about the products in the background of my kitchen. Much of it is from MacKenzie-Childs, which I have slowly grown a collection of over the years! My favorites are this checkered chopping board, my black and white checkered teapot, and the gray and white checkered utensil holder. I also have this enamel canister that you can find in smallmedium, or large.

Can I Prep This Patriotic Popcorn and Candy Board Ahead of Time?

Absolutely! The candy will be fine a room temp for several hours (jut don’t keep it outside or in the sun so the goodies don’t melt!) I prefer to serve the popcorn hot, but you could certainly pop it in advance and serve at room temperature.

Popcorn and Candy Board for 4th of July

Storing Leftovers

I like to store leftover candy back in their original packaging, or you can just place them in a Ziploc Bag and store at room temperature. You can also place the popcorn in a Ziploc Bag or fold over the popcorn bags to save as a snack for later!

Patriotic Popcorn and Candy Board


I hope this easy treat makes you smile this summer! For more easy Fourth of July themed recipes, be sure to check out this Patriotic S’mores Board, Festive Fourth of July Charcuterie Board, or my recipe for Easy Firecracker Popcorn!

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