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How to Make a Sweet Valentine’s Day Movie Night Board!

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This Valentine’s Day Movie Night Board is such a fun and easy idea to celebrate Valentine’s Day! ❤️🍿 I also love this idea for class parties or Galentines Day!

Valentine's Movie Night Board

I partnered with Walmart for all of these amazing goodies! It’s SO convenient to be able to get everything all in one place for a great price.

Valentine's Movie Night Board Goodies


This cute movie board and be scaled to any size you need! You can click on each item to shop the post!


What I love most about food boards like this is that they are fool proof with no right or wrong way to set them up! For some general guidelines that I prefer, here is what I do:

  1. Always start with the largest item to ensure there is room for everything. In this case, I started with the larger popcorn bags in the back! I ensured they were centered and symmetrical with the same amount on both sides.
  2. Then layer in the next tallest item, such as the white smaller containers that I filled with candy.
  3. Finally, fill in with the smallest items, such as candy in front of the white containers.

You can also swap sweets and popcorn for fruits, veggies, savory items, and anything else you prefer!

Valentine's Move Night Board treats

Here’s a Quick Video Tutorial!

Leanna in front of a Valentine's Movie Night Board

Can I Prep This Valentine’s Day Movie Night Board In Advance?

Absolutely! Some of the wrapped candy stays fresh for days, especially with some of the wrapped candy like Hershey Kisses. Wait until serving time to add in the popcorn or any other goodies that might get stale sitting out too long.

Popcorn holders filled with sweet treats

Storing Leftovers

I always try to save the original containers to place any leftovers in! If any items need to be refirgerated, be sure to either discard or place back in the refrigerator.

Movie Board treats in popcorn holders


I hope this Valentine’s Moving Night Board made you smile! For more movie night inspo, you may also love this Epic Movie Night Popcorn Board for any occasion, as well as this Sweet and Simple Valentine’s Day Dessert Board!

Valentine's Movie Night Board Treats

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