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You’ll Fall in Love with These Mini Charcuterie Wine Glass Plates!

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What better way to celebrate Galentines Day or Valentines Day than with individual mini charcuterie wine glass plates?! These are so fun for any occasion or party! ❤️💞

Mini Charcuterie Wine Glass Plates

These cute little plates also help keep the flies out of your wine glass in the summer! I first saw this genius idea from @convinoboard ❤️


This is completely up to you! I’d recommend smaller treats so they fit on those adorable mini charcuterie wine glass plates. Here’s what I would recommend!

  1. Fruit – Grapes, Raspberries, Strawberries (especially chocolate-covered ones!)
  2. Cheese – Cheese cubes or wedges, plus smaller crackers
  3. Meat – Salami, pastrami, turky, or ham. You could use small slices or roll up larger slices!
  4. Veggies – Mini tomatoes, carrots, basil leaves
  5. Treats – Chocolate-covered pretzels, rainsins, mini cakes, mini cookies, etc.
Mini Charcuterie Wine Glass Plates

Perfect Presentation Platters

You can shop where I got these cuties by clicking on the links of picture below!

Individual Mini Charcuterie Plates – These fit on almost any wine glass and also double as coasters!

Wine Glasses – Mine are from Walmart for beautiful glasses at an unbeatable price!

Serving Board – I use this all the time as decor, cooking prep, and presentation! Mine is a bit of a splurge from Pottery Barn but you also may love this adorable $15 version from Walmart!

Here’s a Quick Video Tutorial!

Once you have your ingredients and supplies, all you have to do is arrange them on the mini charcuterie plates and enjoy!

Can I Prep These Charcuterie Wine Glass Plates Ahead of Time?

Absolutely! You can definitely create these up to a few hours ahead of time.

If you are using ingredients that need to be refrigerated, I’d recommend placing all of the mini charcuterie plates on a tray first before putting it in the fridge. This will help make sure that the goodies don’t fall off of each plate when you transport them out of the fridge.

Mini Charcuterie Wine Glass Plates

Storing Leftovers

If you have any leftovers, the easiest thing for me is to store them in a Tupperware container or Ziploc bag. For any dry goods, you can simply return them to the original packaging.

Leana holding a wine glass with mini charcuterie wine glass plates


I hope you love these mini charcuterie plates as much as I do! For more fun party hosting ideas, you may love this Beautiful Charcuterie Bouquet, these Easy Pie Dough Love Notes, or this Cute Cupcake Bouquet. Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!

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