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Seed Bombs with Air Dry Clay for Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day friends! I have been trying to come up with fun and easy activities while we are at home. This week, I have found a few kid activities that are all centered around Earth Day. The first activity that I want to share with you is these DIY seed bombs with air dry clay!

Even though Earth day is just one day a year, this is a great way to get your planting started and to kick off spring and summer. You can also spread these around your community to grow flowers or give them as gifts to friends!

There are a few different ways you can make DIY seed bombs, but for this recipe we are using Air Dry Clean (the Easter bunny brought us some) . But if you don’t have air dry clay you can try this recipe using paper!

earth day activity for kids

How to Make Seed Bombs with Air Dry Clay

I love this activity because it is a great way to introduce how flowers grow to young children. We love planting flowers during the spring and watching them grow throughout the summer months.

You will need:

  1. Air Dry clay
  2. Potting Soil
  3. Wildflower Seeds
  4. Heart mold (optional)
seed bombs with air dry clay

Steps to Make Seed Bombs

Step 1 – Spread out the air dry clay into a thin pizza (about 1/4 inch thick)

Step 2 – Add your potting soil in the center

Step 3 – Sprinkle on the seeds on top of the soil

Step 4 – Fold up the clay so it holds the potting soil and seeds

Step 5 – Carefully, blend the clay, seeds and soil together and mix well with your hands

Step 6 – Break off pieces of the clay and form into balls, or use a fun mold!

Step 7 – Let Dry

diy seed bomb
diy seed bomb
spring planting for kids

Note: There is no exact measurements of how much soil, seed or clay to use! You can’t mess this up I promise! Just make sure you have more clay then soil and seeds!

After they are dry, you can plant in your own backyard or spread out through your neighborhood and community. My kids are so excited to put them around our park!

Happy Earth day friends and be on the look out for a few more Earth Day activities for the rest of the week!

diy seed bombs for earth day

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