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How to Make Dollar Store Heart Doily Envelopes

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These Heart Doily Envelopes are an easy and adorable Valentines Day idea! 💌❤️The best part is that I got everything from the dollar store! 💕🩷 What would you stuff inside yours? My favorite treat around Valentine’s Day is a Dove chocolate!

Heart Doily Envelopes secured with sparkly heart stickers


I was shocked at how expensive some Valentine’s were online. You could make an entire (adorable) class set of these Heart Doily Envelopes for under $5! Here’s all you need:

  1. Heart doilies (however many you need.) The size depends on how much you’d like to place inside.
  2. Heart stickers (to secure the back of the envelope.)
  3. Goodies for inside (such as notes, chocolates, etc.)
How to make a heart doily envelope

These are so quick to make! Each valentine only took about 30 seconds total! As a busy mama of three young kiddos, this is music to my ears!

Steps to make heart doily envelopes

Directions for Your Heart Doily Envelopes

  1. Place a heart doily face-down.
  2. Then, fold in each side.
  3. Next, fold over the top, rounded part of the heart. (This will be the bottom of the envelop.)
  4. Add goodies inside!
  5. Finally, fold over the bottom, pointed part of the heart and secure it with a sparkly sticker.
Heart doily envelopes secured with a sparkly sticker

Here’s a Quick Video Tutorial!

More Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

I hope these heart doily envelopes are a fun and easy craft for you to enjoy this Valentine’s Day! For more fun Valentine’s Day ideas, be sure to check out this Valentine’s Day Movie Night Board, these Mini Charcuterie Wine Glass Plates, or this Cute Cupcake Bouquet!

Thanks for visiting my blog, sweet friends!

Cute heart doily envelopes stuffed with Valentine's Day chocolates

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