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How to Make a Cute Cupcake Bouquet

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This darling Cupcake Bouquet is so easy to make and can brighten anyone’s Valentine’s Day! I love this idea for friends, teachers, coworkers, or neighbors! The best part? No baking is required and it can be made on a super low budget!

Cupcake Bouquet for Valentine's Day


  1. Cupcakes – Either homemade or store-bought. I’d recommend mini cupcakes in pink and red in order to add more and have a fuller look. All of my supplies are below and here are the treats I purchased!
Cupcake Bouquet with pink and red cupcakes


I purchased almost everything for my Cupcake Bouquet from Target for under $5! Here’s where you can find the supplies:

Foam sphere wrapped in Valentine's Day tissue paper

Wrapping the sphere ball in tissue paper helps it look much cuter and more festive!

Red Mini Cupcakes from Target


  1. First, stuff the base container with tissue paper. I like mine to overflow on the sides a bit.
  2. Next, wrap the sphere in tissue paper and place in the base container.
  3. Using toothpicks, add the mini cupcakes.
  4. Top with cute balloons or banners!
Leanna holding a Cupcake Bouquet topped with cute Valentine's Day balloons

Here’s a Quick Video Tutorial!

Can I Prep This Cupcake Bouquet Ahead of Time?

Yes! However, I’d recommend creating this the same day that you plan on giving it so the cupcakes stay fresh.

Storing Leftover Cupcakes

If you have any leftover cupcakes, I’d recommend just keeping the plastic cupcake container and returning them there. They should stay fresh at room temperature for several days!

Valentine's Day Cupcake Bouquet


I hope this Cupcake Bouquet is a creative, fun idea for you this Valentine’s Day! For more sweet ideas, you may love this Sweet Smore’s Board for Valentine’s Day, this Cute Cupid’s Crunch Trail Mix, or this Candy Heart Chocolate Bark. Have a wonderful day, friends!



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