Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Home

  1. Angie Hiles says:

    Good Morning! It’s all so georgeous! It seems being 55 years old I would know a little bit more about decorating but I don’t! Lol even though I feel overwhelmed with it all you do inspire me! This morning I decorated my country tree as I call it and I’m trying to decide if I should put the ribbon going around or up and down. Lol frustrating or I’m just trying to make things perfect I don’t know.???? Thank you for all your ideas and tips I for one sure need them no matter how old I get. I love decor but not always good at putting it all together. Sorry for the book.???? Have a great day! ☃️????☃️????☃️????☃️????☃️????

  2. Jane Ann says:

    All the ideas simple and make a great statement without creating a big storage issue. Twinkle lights so festive and cheery for dark days and evenings!

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