Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Home

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Christmas is my all day favorite season to decorate for, and I am sure I am not the only one who thinks so! I know decorating for Christmas may seem overwhelming for some, so today I put together 5 easy Christmas decor ideas for your home. I hope these simple and easy tips help you decorating your house this holiday season a bit less stressful.

christmas farmhouse decor

5 Easy Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Home

1. Wreaths

This may seem like a simple one but the places to put wreaths, of all sizes, are endless! Wreaths are not only for your front door! Some of my favorite places to style a wreath are on windows, a kitchen range hood, and on the back of chairs!

There are also so many different styles of wreaths. You can use real wreaths or faux! Whatever you may prefer! In my home I mainly use faux but I buy a few real ones each season because I just cant resist the smell of Christmas trees in my home!

christmas mantle

To add wreaths to your windows, you can either use a suction hook, or a ribbon. Both are equally functional, but I do love the appearance of the ribbon hanging down! Add a ribbon using my ribbon bow tutorial here for a finished look!

christmas tree ribbon tips and trics

To add a wreath to the back of a chair, you can use an upside down command hook, ribbon, or wire to secure. I added mini wreaths to the back of the kids chairs and they are so precious!

I pretty much have a wreath hung up on my kitchen hood all year round. For the holiday season, I simply add a holiday bow for an extra touch!

cooking in the kitchen for christmas

2. Christmas Signs

Signs are a very easy way to add some Christmas spirit to your home! I love to replace holiday signs with my regular wall art. You can also add signs to your bathroom, mantle, or in your kitchen!

christmas sign with light up houses

I love to also layer different holiday signs on shelves or along my mantle!

christmas entry way

3. Holiday Stems

There are so many different stems to choose from when you visit a craft or home store that it can seem overwhelming. I always go for the simple stems that are timeless. Consider red berries, frosted pines, or holiday florals.

christmas kitchen decor wall

You can add them to throughout your home in baskets, vases, jars and more! I always have green stems throughout my home during the year, so for Christmas I just add a few holiday stems to the green. They make great centerpieces, or coffee table or end table decor.

christmas basket with berries

4. Christmas Trees

Now this seems like a given right? But I wanted to share with you some other fun ways you can decorate with Christmas Trees of all different sizes! Add small Christmas trees to trays, stands, coffee tables and end tables!

christmas kitchen decor

5. Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle lights are my favorite! I add them to garland, trays, baskets, and more! They give the perfect extra glow at night time to create a cozy space!

cozy christmas decor

I hope you found some great Christmas decor ideas on how to decorate your home for Christmas this year!


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  1. All the ideas simple and make a great statement without creating a big storage issue. Twinkle lights so festive and cheery for dark days and evenings!

  2. Good Morning! It’s all so georgeous! It seems being 55 years old I would know a little bit more about decorating but I don’t! Lol even though I feel overwhelmed with it all you do inspire me! This morning I decorated my country tree as I call it and I’m trying to decide if I should put the ribbon going around or up and down. Lol frustrating or I’m just trying to make things perfect I don’t know.???? Thank you for all your ideas and tips I for one sure need them no matter how old I get. I love decor but not always good at putting it all together. Sorry for the book.???? Have a great day! ☃️????☃️????☃️????☃️????☃️????

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