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7 Simple Tips for a Gorgeous Fall Tablescape

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You don’t have to be hosting a fancy gathering to create a beautiful fall tablescape that you can enjoy all season long! Creating a pretty table is one of my favorite things to do as a creative outlet to enjoy in my home and I hope you find these tips budget-friendly, simple, and fun!

Fall centerpiece with pumpkins and a red table runner

1: Add Texture with a Table Runner or Fabric

Whether you use a tablecloth or a bare table like mine, adding a piece of fabric provides so many options depending on your style. First, start with your preferred color, such as red, yellow, or orange shades for autumn.

Gorgeous Fall Tablescape

Once you have a color in mind, you can choose from so many different textures or patterns. Do you prefer a solid color or a design, such as plaid? You can also go with a velvety, silky, or sparkly texture to bring in more details.

Auburn table runner for a fall tablescape

In terms of size, I prefer the look of having extra fabric cascade over the side of the table. If you’re ordering fabric from a craft store such as Michael’s, Joanna Fabrics, or Hobby Lobby, I suggest getting fabric that is one yard wide, then two extra yards past the length of your table (so about one yard can overflow down each end.)

2. Layer the Table Runner with Stems or Florals

Thinking of autumn evokes vibrant shades of colors and fall foliage, so I like to mirror that on my fall tablescape as well. I especially love using natural elements like stems, leaves, and florals in warm color tones to layer over the runner.

Red table runner layered with plum-colored stems

The combination of the crimson table runner and plum shades of the stems reminded me of a fall sunset!

Fall tablescape with pumpkin accents

To arrange the stems, I start in the middle of the table, placing the end of the stems in the center. (Any bare stems will be covered up by the centerpiece.) Then, I slid the ends of the next bunch slightly under the tops of the first group, so any bare parts are covered. Repeat as you make your way down the table.

3. Think Outside the Box with the Centerpiece

A centerpiece doesn’t have to be one large focal point and can also consist of various objects in the middle of the table. For this table, I used faux pumpkins in various shades, starting with the largest pumpkins in the center followed by smaller pumpkins extending to the outer ends of the table.

Fall centerpiece with orange, green, and white pumpkins

If you decide to use real pumpkins, you can check out my post on How to Help Your Pumpkins Last Longer so you don’t have a rotting pumpkin situation on your pretty fall tablescape! If you’re looking to shop faux pumpkins, here are some of my favorites! Just click any image and the product is linked for easy shopping. 🙂

4. Add Height with Candlesticks and Candle Holders

Since I used a lower centerpiece with the pumpkins, I incorporated some height to my table with tall candles in wooden candlesticks. I was inspired by nature with this table and love the look of natural wooden candleholders.

Tall candlesticks on a pretty fall table

These battery-operated flameless candles look so realistic and come with a remote! If you prefer to use taller candle holders with shorter candles, these flameless thicker candles also create a beautiful ambiance and this flameless set of three are already in pretty jars if you’d prefer to forego separate candle holders.

Fall place setting decorated with wooden pumpkins

You can sprinkle in the candle holders wherever you have room around the centerpiece, runner, and stems. I recommend using the same amount on each side of the table, so the completed look is symmetrical and balanced. You can find wooden candleholders like mine here, or you might also like this gold set of three in varying heights or this black set of three.

6. Use a Placemat or Charger

I have about five placemats and charger options that I use over and over throughout the year. These are so helpful to fill up the table space and add a bit of texture and “wow” to your table!

Fall tablescape with a woven, round placemat

Just like table runners, the options for placemats are chargers are limitless. Since I went with lots of color down the center of my table, I stuck with a neutral shade in this pretty woven design to also bring in some texture. My placemats were from JC Penny and you can find them here!

Fall tablescape with pumpkins, plaid napkins, and gold flatware

When shopping chargers or placemats, you could go with options in a variety of shapes and designs, such as neutral for fall, sparkly for the holiday season, bolder patterns for summer, or a cheerful pattern for spring!

7. Decorate the Plate with Accents and Napkins

I found these wooden pumpkin plates at Hobby Lobby and knew they would be perfect to incorporate into my fall tablescape! They can be used for a salad or appetizer plate and are just so darn cute for bringing the whole autumn-theme together!

Fall Place setting with a plaid napkin and wooden pumpkin

For an extra finishing touch, I tied a blue velvet ribbon around a plaid napkin and tucked in a faux wheat stem that reminded me of a fall harvest. I often place napkins in the center of the plate, but I love how these are off to the side to not cover up the wooden pumpkin plates.

Close-up of a place setting on a fall-themed table

Finally, I finished the look with gold flatware, similar to this rose-gold set from Walmart. My golden-hued glasses are from World Market several years ago but you can find a similar version here on Amazon! I love how the whole feel overall reminds me of a fall sunset with rich, vibrant, and cozy colors reminiscent of fall!

Fall centerpiece with pumpkins and a red table runner

Happy Fall, Y’all!

I hope these tips help you feel empowered to create your own fall tablescape! If you create one, please share on Instagram and tag me because it’s so fun for me to see your beautiful ideas! If you’d like more fall tablescape inspiration, you can also check out other posts on my website such as Simple Thanksgiving Table Decor, How to Set a Beautiful Fall Table, or A Simple Fall Tablescape with Fall Colors.

Have a wonderful day, friends!



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